Monday, December 26, 2011

no pain no gain.

Banyak cerita
banyak masalah
whatever it is..i have to take it.. PASRAH
hari berganti hari but this feeling can't just go away
i'm not stronger enough but i just could put more an effort on my prayer
sincerely towards God. Insyallah,,
it took almost two weeks maybe we are getting far apart didn't contact each other
bukan tak ingat tapi orang dah tak ingatkan aku lagi dah,,so what uses for any more
but last morning at 5a.m. he did text me and maybe teringatkan aku .
im surprised and a little bit shocked and i would like to reply but for next day maybe 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

it is been wrote to be so

Guys,,agak lama and memang da lama ak tak menconteng dalam blog nie .. rasanya takde yang follow ak lagi dahh..neva mind .. ak tak kesah ponn . niat dihati hanya ingin meluahkan rasa yang terbuku . ceittt . hehe
actually dah lama ak tak on9 sebab last month ak tak sihat dan dimasukkan kedalam 
hospital dan disahkan menghidap tb selaput otak .. everyday i have to be injected for about 2 month and sakit tu tak payah cakap la .. perghhh .. da lebam .. ubat pon almost sebakul ak kena telan everyday . haha .kawan2 datang melawat when i was in hospital for almost 2 weeks . ramai jgk la and boleh dikatakan tiap hari diorang datang . happy sangat . Alhamdulillah..rite now pon still tak sihat lagi .. semoga ak cepat sembuh Ya Allah ,,
next story,
i remember all those crazy things u said
u left them running through my head
ur always there ur everywhere
but right now i wish u were here
i never really knew u
u were just another friend 
but when i got to know u,i let my heart unbend
i couldnt help past memories,that would only make me cry
i had to forget my first love and give love another try
so ive fallen in love with u and i cant let u go
i love u more than anyone
i just had to let u know and if u ever wonder why
i dont know what i'll say
but i never stop loving u each day and this feeling is hard to be change
just wanna u to know it is true but i have no courage to say it.