Friday, April 15, 2011

Do you ?

Whenever im alone
i can see ur face smiling back at me
how i miss those days
but now im standing here
all alone still lovin u
my love,hear me call ur name
whenever ure alone
do u think of me ?
being wif u owayz makes me smile
why did u hav to go ?
im still reaching out to u
hear me cry for u ...
i'll be waitin for u
there'll be no one else for me
u dont hav to see my pain
cuz my hearts just beats for u
u let me noe..
shud i ever gives up ?
is this love full of lies ?
cuz im still holding on to u
when i dream of u
im in sweet serenity
i dont want it to end
havin u lovin me
but in reality u hav neva lo0ked at me ...

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