Friday, April 8, 2011

its drivin me crazy !

when i 1st knowing you....
i thought that we're just only being a good fren .
cuz u noe me better . n i noe you better .
u told me ur stories n i told u mine .
thats why fren's are for rite ? 
being for each other.yeahhh .
but since afte we get more closer n closer.....
when i saw afraid to meet you
when i met you..u asked me for a better n real relationship for us.
i was afraid to love you at that time
cuz something stucked in my mind .something prevent me from doing that.
now that ILY n im afraid to lose you..
IMY n its undeniable .
i can try to avoid it as much as i want but i cant help aching to have you back whenever you vaguely cross my mind
ILY not for who you are but for who i am when i am with you
im just gonna love who treat me right n forget the one who dont.
when i tell you ILY...i dont say it out of habbit or to make conversation.
i say it to remind you  that ure the best thing that ever happened in my life
bcuz ure the kind of guy who would laugh at me when i fall but help me up n whisper,,
" Its oke .. i still love you "
its not that im afraid to die .but if i die,im afraid that no one will love you the way i do

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